Patio Door Wheels

Patio Door Wheel Repair

Does the patio door in your home grind or squeak when you open it? If so, it’s likely that the wheels or rollers for the door are rusted, corroded or have started to malfunction for some reason. It’s possible that the patio door can be made to open as smoothly as it did on the first day it was purchased without requiring you to replace the door completely.

The solution to this problem is to replace the wheels, which is much more affordable than replacing the entire door. Here at The Glide Guys, we offer an extensive selection of rollers and wheels for any brand or style of patio door and in most cases we offer same day installation!

Common Problems Associated With Patio Door Wheels

No matter how sturdy the frame of a patio door, the wheels or rollers that are attached to the door likely won’t last as long as the door itself. Heavy use of these wheels will cause them to slowly degrade, which heightens the possibility that the door will squeak or skip when being opened. Standard rollers are typically comprised of plastic and placed into a metal casing. Over time, the plastic may become worn down, which could call for repairs to be done.

Benefits of Obtaining Our Services

While repairing these wheels requires that the door is removed from its tracks, our team of experts can repair and replace the wheels in next to no time. When this job is professionally done, it can be completed in a short period of time. Attempting to replace the wheels on your own could cause injury if the door falls and causes the glass to shatter.

If you’re a property manager, having patio door wheels and rollers replaced immediately after the issue occurs will keep current tenants satisfied while also making sure that prospective buyers retain their interest in the property after touring it. Because of the noises that can be created by faulty patio door wheels, replacing them now should help you avoid any further problems.

All patio door customers will receive a complimentary Glide Guys Signature Tune-Up! This tune-up includes complete lubrication of any moving door parts, a security check, a slider alignment, track and glass cleaning, a free bottle of WD-40, glass cleaner and a hand towel!

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