Door Handle Repair

Nothing is more important to the security of a home than the handles and locks that are attached to the patio doors situated throughout the property. The handles and locks that are attached to the door are designed to secure it from the outside world. Unfortunately, a poorly fitted handle or a worn down lock leaves anyone inside of the property vulnerable.

At The Glide Guys, we offer numerous handle and lock solutions for the patio door that will bolster security and fit any need.

Importance of Having Quality Handles and Locks

Patio door handles are available in various styles and can fit within any budget. However, homeowners get what they pay for. Common handle issues with patio doors include handle misalignment, poor lock engagement, and a loose unit. While some of these issues can occur over time, others are present from the moment the handle is purchased. As such, homeowners should choose a premium handle that will last for a lengthy period of time. If you encounter problems with your door handle, our expert team can provide quick repairs no matter the issue and can provide recommendations on whether you should replace the handle.

Likely the most severe problem that can occur with patio doors is the malfunction of the door lock. Whether the latch or lock itself has been damaged, the security of your home can be at risk. Our technicians are able to respond quickly once a call comes in, which means that we will be able to repair the lock before you need to spend a stressful night in your home with an unsecured patio door.

These issues are also highly important for property managers. Tenants will feel less safe when the lock or handle on their patio door is damaged, which is why it’s in your best interests to have this issue tended to as quickly as possible. In the majority of situations, the problem is simple and will only require a quick latch repair or lock replacement. Call us today to further discuss your patio door handle and lock options.

All patio door customers will receive a complimentary Glide Guys Signature Tune-Up! This tune-up includes complete lubrication of any moving door parts, a security check, a slider alignment, track and glass cleaning, a free bottle of WD-40, glass cleaner and a hand towel!

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