Emergency Board Up

Emergency Board Up Services

There isn’t always a lot of time to prepare for damaging weather, which is why we provide emergency board up services on a 24/7 basis at a price that’s affordable. The same is true if your home is broken into and the windows have been damaged. Without board up services, your home could be less secure, which means that anyone inside wouldn’t be fully safe if the opening in the home isn’t closed off.

When you call, our installers will secure your home or office quickly, which should relieve your stress and keep you protected until a full replacement can be obtained for the window that has been broken.

Why You Should Consider Our Emergency Board Up Services

It’s never a good idea for a home, business, or apartment building to be less secure than is possible. When a window has been broken, nothing is keeping out the elements or even individuals from breaking into your home, which is why our emergency board up services can be so important.

Keep in mind that these services are also available before any damage has occurred. If thunderstorms and hurricanes are common in your area, these services can be preventive in nature and may be able to keep the windows in your home from being damage during the storm, which will save you a significant amount of money that would be needed to replace the affected windows.

Service Can Be Requested At Any Time

No matter the hour of the day, our team of experts can arrive quickly to provide for your board up needs. If a tree has fallen into your home or a smaller branch has breached the window, an emergency board up will make the home more secure and heighten the security of anyone inside. The work that we provide is able to prevent cold or hot air from sweeping into your home, keeps the exteriors and window frames safe from damage during the process, and provides actual security.

If you manage a business or apartment building, we also provide emergency board up services that you can take advantage of, which will keep your tenants safe or your office space from being damaged. You can never be too careful. Even a relatively mild storm can cause tree branches to fall and breach a window, which our emergency board up services can protect against.

All patio door customers will receive a complimentary Glide Guys Signature Tune-Up! This tune-up includes complete lubrication of any moving door parts, a security check, a slider alignment, track and glass cleaning, a free bottle of WD-40, glass cleaner and a hand towel!

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